How structured training materials lead to student success

So, how can Murdoch Center's Program Library make a difference in your classroom, workshop, group home or even your home? The Program Library manuals are full of task analyses designed to address dressing, grooming, hygiene, housekeeping/cleaning up, vocational training, basic academic skills, dining and cooking skills, leisure skills and more. These programs have been refined and proven to work over time. Some methods have been designed for people with sensory deficits as well as motor deficits.

If you are working with students or adults with Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Delays or Autism, it can be so frustrating to determine what exactly you need to teach, what materials would work well and what happens if you are not there to teach it exactly like it needs to be done? As we all know, each one of us puts our own spin on how we think training should happen (a little more or less explanation, a subtle cue here or there, change the training materials just a wee bit), this is human nature! With Program Library, training methods are specifically spelled out to include: materials to be used, placement of materials, verbal commands/requests, training cues to be used (when to gesture, physically prompt or even help manipulate someone through a task), and how data should be recorded. This may sound like overkill, but think about how important routine and consistency is with both children and adults with ID, DD or Autism. As I said earlier, this method of training is tried and true - it really does work!

I am not saying that Program Library is the only training tool you will every need, but I am saying that it is an invaluable resource for teachers, speech therapists, occupational or physical therapists, direct care staff, service providers and families! The manuals present methods in a clear and sequential format. Some programs are stand alone programs and others incorporate multiple programs to achieve the final, bigger task.

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